The Top 10 Reasons People Quit Using Twitter [Study]


Twitter may have nearly 250 million active users, but not everyone sticks around, and a new study from Deutsche Bank found out why people left.

Out of a sample of 1,000 people, the company surveyed active Twitter users, people who stopped using the social network and those who’ve never used it all.

Here were the top 10 reasons for leaving Twitter:

-I was getting the information from somewhere else: 82 percent

-There was no useful information on Twitter: 77 percent

-There were too many tweets and Twitter wasn’t sorting or filtering: 76 percent

-I signed up for Twitter and forgot about it: 68 percent

-I switched to another social networking service: 62 percent

-I was annoyed with the ads on Twitter: 60 percent

-There are no photos, images, pictures like other social networks: 54 percent

-I was getting multiple tweets on the same topic: 49 percent

-I didn’t find anyone I know (friends or family) on Twitter: 47 percent

-I wasn’t able to message anyone on Twitter: 42 percent

However, 57.8 percent of respondents who stopped using Twitter, said they would use it again if the following changes were made:

-Better sorting and filtering tools with less clutter: 80 percent

-More of my friends joined Twitter: 67 percent

-More photo sharing or video sharing: 66 percent

-Better explanation of use/setup: 62 percent

-Better sharing tools with my friends: 59 percent

Twitter only saw a two percent increase in monthly active users over Q4 2013, so this study could help the social network determine where it needs to improve.

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