#HobbyLobby Trends On Twitter As Social Media Parses Contraception Showdown

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The Hobby Lobby case is trending on Twitter under the hashtag #HobbyLobby, with voices on both sides of the debate weighing in on the landmark case involving birth control, the Affordable Care Act, and whether religious beliefs can be imposed by a corporation on its employees.

The ongoing #HobbyLobby argument has been predictably divisive, with the most vocal contingent strangely being the pro-life caucus — who one might imagine would support measures like easy access to contraceptives that decrease the overall number of abortions:

According to those on the ground, however, supporters on the scene are far more from the anti-Hobby Lobby contingent than the other way around:

Images of #HobbyLobby protest signs abound, indicating that many Americans see the case as one that far transcends contraception, and really reflects how much say-so over our lives people feel the corporations for which we work expect:

Tea Party holdouts say the same in reverse:

Dissenters counter:

Even doctors are weighing in:

Are you following the #HobbyLobby debate on Twitter or another social site?

Kim LaCapria

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