Anonymous Twitter User Donates $11,000 To Bring Clean Water To Kenya

Anonymous Twitter User Donates $11,000 To Bring Clean Water To Kenya

An anonymous Twitter user recently donated $11,000, via Dogecoin, to Doge4Water, a charitable organization attempting to bring clean water to Kenya. To date this is the largest amount of money ever donated directly through a single tweet.

While most anonymous Twitter accounts are used to troll cyberspace – promoting vitriolic rhetoric and rumors – several reports in Forbes and the Huffington Post say one anonymous Twitter user, known only as @savethemhood, donated roughly $11,000 (14,000,000 dogecoins) to Doge4Water – a charity set up to raise money in order to bring clean water resources to Kenya.

The otherwise unknown user’s Twitter profile states, “I take from the greedy to feed and blanket the poor. Street artist. Legerdemain to the greedy.”

The user @savethemhood is part of the dogecoin community. Members use dogecoin, a form of digital currency similar to bitcoin, to buy products, trade for other currencies, tip other online users, and generously donate to altruistic causes like Doge4Water.

In a single, record breaking tweet, the anonymous Twitter user @savethemhood donated more than a third of Doge4Water’s overall goal – as the organization sought to raise at least $30,000 towards well-digging in Kenya.

Doge4Water had hoped to reach their target by World Water Day on March 22. They managed to exceed it thanks to people like @savethemhood.

[Photo Credit: Cayusa]

Megan Charles

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