Parallel Kingdom Generating Over $200,000 Monthly, Primarily On Android

Parallel Kingdoms Earns $200,000 A Month, Mostly On Android

Parallel Kingdoms, the social game developed by PerBlue, is reporting revenue of over $200,000 a month, even though the game is not in the top 100 grossing games for iOS or Android. What is most remarkable about the report is the fact that 85 percent of the game’s revenue is coming from Android users and only 15 percent is from iOS.

According a recent article on Inside Social Games, “this is a stark contrast to what we normally hear from mobile developers. Case in point: GameDuell told us in July that iOS users monetize up to four times better than Android users and told us yesterday Bubble Witch Saga monetizes three times better on iOS than it does on Facebook.”

PerBlue’s CEO Justin Beck’s gave a talk yesterday at the Game Developers Conference Online : “Bootstrapping 101: How College Kids Built a Thriving Game Company in Under Three Years.” In his presentation, he revealed the unusual trend in Parallel Kingdom’s revenue stream and shared with his audience why his company decided to remain in Madison, Wisconsin, instead of moving to a larger city with closer ties to the gaming industry. Beck explained that most of his employees are recruited from the University of Wisconsin, and he was able to attract the original $72,000 of start up capital from friends and family in the Madison area.

The game has grown to a player base of over one million players worldwide since its launch in 2011. Parallel Kingdom is a mobile, location based, massively multiplayer game that places the player in a virtual world on top of the real world, using the player’s actual GPS location. Parallel Kingdom was the first location based RPG designed specifically for the iOS and Android platforms.

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