Twitter Helps Drive Political Donations, Study Shows

Twitter played a vital role in the 2008 election and according to a new study it is also helping drive political donations. The study which was conducted by Compete, a data analytics firm, revealed that political candidates who engage with their followers, are able to drive donations in a more meaningful way.

What’s interesting is that being a Twitter user alone increases the chances of someone visiting a campaign donation page by 68%. When Twitter users start to see more tweets from candidates, retweets from others about those candidates, promoted ad campaigns and search terms, they become twice as likely to visit a political donation page compared to the average Twitter user.

The study also found that the more political material someone is exposed to over a specific period of time, the better. An average user who is exposed to political material consistently across a three to seven day period is 31% more likely to visit a donation page.

If the user is consistently exposed to political material over an eight day period or longer that number jumps to 76%. You can view the full study at the Twitter Advertising blog.

Social media has played a big part in building awareness for political candidates and those who interact consistently with their followers are shown to benefit from more donations.

Mike Stenger

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