4 Ways To Get More Traction On Twitter [Social Tips]

Back in the early days of Twitter, the social network didn’t look too promising. The design was rather subpar, very few used it compared to such giants as Facebook, and the concept of only being able to post up to 140 character messages just didn’t cut it for a lot of people.

Fast forward to 2012 and times have definitely changed. Twitter is right behind Facebook in terms of active users and is now a powerhouse for building an online audience.

Because of how Twitter works with the ability to update in real time, that unfortunately leads to a lot of noise which means fewer people seeing your tweets. Here’s 4 ways to break through the noise and gain more of a following:

Quality Trumps Quantity

As humans, we’re programmed from a very early age that the larger the number, the better. In some cases that may be true, but in social media, that’s not always the case. Many focus on building up this huge following, but fail to realize that many of the people that are now following them either A) Use an autofollow program, B) Are not targeted/interested, and C) Potentially fake accounts.

You want an audience of people who are genuinely interested, not a group of people who will never see or interact with your content. Focus on building a quality following by carefully selecting who you follow and following the next tip…

Less Automating, More Interacting

There’s a big debate as to if automation on Twitter is a good or bad thing. Some will say that you should never automate, but that’s a bunch of bologna. Automation is okay to an extent, but it should never make up most of what you post. The reason being is people will easily be able to tell and turns your presence into more of an RSS feed than something that actually has a human behind it.

People want to talk to people they know, like, and trust. How are they going to do that if they see you automate everything? Simply put, they won’t. Yes, interacting with others takes time, but it’s the only way to truly cut through the noise. Over time, you build more relationships and it’s these relationships that translate to sales.

Utilize Twitter Search

Twitter search is one of the most underrated tools of any social network. Unlike Facebook who’s search is virtually non-existent, you can tap into a wealth of conversations ranging from just about anything you can think of. For example, say you like to talk about the UFC. Putting in a search for “UFC” or the name of a particular fighter will turn up a ton of results.

Not only that, but Twitter’s advanced search features which you can find by going here, give you far more customization, even all the way down to so many miles from a specific location.

More Great Content, Less About You

No matter who you are, we all enjoy talking about ourselves. It’s simply human nature. The problem is nobody else really cares. That may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. Very few care that you just ate a turkey sandwich or that you just got down to inbox zero. They care about getting great information and connecting with other like minded people.

Talking about yourself is a good thing from time to time. People enjoy personalities. However, unless you’re a celebrity, talking too much about your day to day life will simply bore others and they will tune you out. Instead, become someone that people can rely on for great information and great discussions.

There’s plenty of mediocre people to follow on Twitter, but you don’t have to be one of them.

Mike Stenger

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