Dudepins Is Pinterest, But For Dudes

Dudepins is Pinterest for dudes

Are you a dude? Does Pinterest seem a little girly to you? Social media start-up Dudepins was created for bros like you.

Dudepins, a “man cave” version of Pinterest, was created in June 2012 by social media junkies Kamil Szybalski and Colin Brown after the two Vancouver-based entrepreneurs sat down together to try and figure out why they weren’t using Pinterest. They ultimately decided that the content just didn’t cater to their interests (indeed, the Pinterest demographic is between 65 and 80 percent female).

So they created Dudepins, a Pinterest-esque accumulation of montages, personal collections, pictures and videos sorted into various categories. Though Dudepins also accepts female members, the content on the site caters to every manly man’s inner Hemingway, celebrating a tradition of classic manhood. What are the “dudes” into? It might surprise you that the site isn’t just flooded with images of scantily-clad babes. Cars, food, fashion, travel, and even toys are pinned by Dudepin users, making the site more of an ode to classic GQ masculinity, whilst sharing strands of DNA with geek culture, seasoned with the internet’s unique brand of humor.

And it’s working, too.

There’s definitely a market for a male-oriented Pinterest. Sean Cordes of Dudepins told me that the site is growing 30 to 60 percent month over month after only three months of operation. They’ve also gotten plenty of media attention from outlets such as CNN and the LA Times.

“It s growing faster than we can accept people,” Co-founder Szybalski told the Vancouver Sun. “It’s the best problem we can have right now.”

Indeed. So pour yourself a scotch, light up a cigar, and head on over to Dudepins to see it for yourself. Man up, sign up, pin up.

Dusten Carlson
Dusten has written for web and print and currently spends his time working on his upcoming graphic novel. He is also almost 30 and still has all of his hair.

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