More Bad News For Zynga: ‘Words With Friends’ Creators Walk Out

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Is it just me, or is Zynga taking a few on the chin today?

Hot on the heels of an announced “dismal” sales outlook through the end of the year and a 20% share free-fall on Friday, Paul and David Bettner, the brothers behind the extremely popular mobile game Words With Friends, have decided not to stick around to help bail out water. Read: They’re quitting Zynga.

The brothers confirmed the news to GamesBeat on Friday, but didn’t offer any details as to why they’re leaving or what they’ll do next.

“We are still very excited about the future and feel like we are at the beginning,” said Paul.

The Bettner brothers join a growing list of high-profile Zynga departures in recent months, including COO John Schappert, who ditched in August, and chief marketing officer Jeff Karp, who followed right after in September.

Zynga’s stock was trading at $2.36 a share, down about 16% on the day shortly before close.

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