Live Action ‘Halo’ Series Premieres On YouTube

'Halo 4' live-action series

Microsoft is promoting Halo 4 on YouTube by releasing a live-action series set in the popular video game’s universe.

The series is called Halo: Forward Unto Dawn. It is a 90-minute film based on the Xbox sci-fi gaming series, split into five 15-minute episodes to be released every Friday until Halo 4 releases on November 6. The Halo series’ new developer, 343 Industries, has partnered with Machinima to bring the Halo live-action series to fruition. The director of 343, Matt J. McCloskey, had this to say regarding Halo: Forward Unto Dawn:

[quote type=”large” align=”left”] “Because the Halo mythology and universe is so deep, I think Halo fans will go back multiple times to watch and get something new out of it each time.” [/quote]

The story of the live-action series focuses on a new protagonist, Thomas Lasky, a trainee at a UN Space Command military academy. According to McCloskey, Lasky will become very important character in upcoming installments of the game series.

[quote type=”large” align=”left”] “Because its live action and a good, emotional story, we think we’ll pull in a lot of people who maybe haven’t played the game, who will just enjoy this great piece,” McCloskey says. [/quote]

Malik Ducard, director of content partnerships for YouTube, had this to say regarding the live-action Halo series:

[quote type=”large” align=”left”] “This is a great example of original content on YouTube tapping into communities of passion, in this case gaming, and offering fans an unique take on the content they already love,” he says. “Machinima is a long-time partner of ours, and we’re thrilled that they’re debuting this high-quality, scripted series on their new YouTube channel and bringing the story to life in a way that complements our focus on original programming.” [/quote]

Mashable tells us that the 90-minute version of Halo: Forward Unto Dawn will be available on DVD and Blu-ray in December. Until then, watch the first episode here:

[iframe src=”″ width=”560″ height=”315″]

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