Twitter May Begin Showing View Counts For Tweets

Twitter is launching a new experiment that would show how many views a tweet has received underneath each post. And although Twitter has always informed their advertising partners about the number of views a post has collected, this is the first time that information like this will be available to every day users.

Many people are concluding that Twitter’s motive behind this move is so that it would encourage people to tweet more, specifically those that are popular. However, this tactic could also back fire and be just as discouraging to its many users.

Imagine how you would feel if you have over five hundred followers but it turns out that only ten of them actually saw your post. The feeling of discouragement is the exact opposite of what Twitter wants and could be the reason why this feature could never go into effect.

Photo Credit: Scott Beale

Kevin Park

Kevin is a seventeen year old high school senior currently living in Santa Clarita, California. He enjoys long distance cycling, playing the drums, and playing video games (PC based). He also has a passion for learning about technology, ranging from the newest flagship Samsung phone, to groundbreaking medical tools. He plans to attend college where he will major in aerospace engineering, and computer science/engineering. He is an avid supporter and fan of social media and loves the positive communicative effects that social networking brings to the world.


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