American Airlines Is Giving Away Miles For Social Media Participation

American Airlines Social Promotion

American Airlines has launched a new social promotion that allows Facebook and Twitter users to earn up to 350 miles. Participants can earn 25 to 50 miles per activity. That participation includes following American Airlines on Twitter, watching a company video, and sharing the video with friends.

The company is also offering 700 miles (500 to 100 per activity) as part of its “learn and earn” program.

An additional 500 to 2500 miles can be earned by flying on US Airways, US Airways Shuttle and by flying on a new domestic route, flying international, being a oneworld airline partner, and exceeding qualifying points goals for up to 9000 miles.

To earn your first 50 points you have to take part in an American Airlines trivia survey. Here are the first sent of answers:

  1. American serves more than 330 destinations.
  2. You have to guess their hubs, the correct answer is the choice with the most cities (although Doug Parker has called Washington National a hub in the past, but it’s not listed here).
  3. Regional partners will fly under the American Eagle brand.
  4. I won’t tell you the website that will tell you where to find travel details if you’ve booked a US Airways flight on — they give you three URLs and you can just try them to see which works.
  5. You can earn miles on ‘all of the above.’

While the survey might take a few minutes for users without the answers at their disposal, games such as “guess the tailfin” should be simple for airline regulars.

American Airlines Offer Earnings

Watching the AAdvantage video only requires users to answer 3 questions about the AAdvantage program.

Right now the American Airlines social and video promotion is only available to US residents.

So is spamming your Facebook friends worth some extra American Airlines miles? I have a feeling this program will mostly serve frequent flyers who are just trying to top off the last few miles they need for a free trip.

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