Instagram Museum Selfie Attempt Results In Shattered Satyr

instagram selfie museum 2014

An attempted Instagram selfie inside a museum in Italy resulted in what seems to have been an inevitable eventual outcome somewhere — a statue from the 19th century was destroyed.

Initial reports on the Instagram selfie resulting in the shattering of “Drunken Satyr” are published in Italian, so it’s a bit hard to discern how the whole shebang went down — and as of now, we don’t know if the selfie’s taker was with pals, who may have logged the whole sordid affair for Facebook or a similar service.

Local news sources describe the “Drunken Satyr” and its history, explaining (translated):

“The ‘Drunken Satyr,’ also known as ‘Barberini Faun’ is an ancient Greek sculpture of the Hellenistic era which depicts a satyr sleeping, probably about 220 BC. The original is kept at the Glyptotek in Monaco (Inv. 218). The sculpture was found in the ditches of the Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome around 1624. The figure is lying on a rock, to symbolize the effects of wine and intoxication. Her legs spread, her head turned toward the bed and arms raised to make a pillow give the impression of a movement of great naturalness, test the skill of the sculptor.”


According to accounts, an unknown visitor to the Milan museum (believed to be not an Italian citizen) is thought to have climbed atop the Drunken Satyr for an Instagram selfie. The duplicate, owned by the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, was destroyed.

We don’t know whether the Instagram selfie taker was successful in taking the image, but the museum in Milan was not. Due to a technical glitch, the selfie snapper is likely to get off scot free, as no record of the event exists.

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