Chris Martin Joins ‘The Voice’ Via Snapchat

At around 8 p.m. Tuesday night, The Voice’s official twitter account (@NBCTheVoice) sent out a post that instructed it’s 2.68 million followers to add “nbcthevoice” on their Snapchat accounts. They then proceeded to send out posts that officially counted down to release of their huge Snapchat news.

And when the countdown ended, The Voice revealed to eager fans major news of a new Key Advisor for the show.

Chris Martin is set to begin as a Key Advisor for the show on March 31st, and will also be featured on the April 1st and 7th episodes. And from looking at the responses, The Voice sure hired the right person because fans are ecstatic about the newly featured cast member.

If you haven’t already, make sure to add The Voice on Snapchat to keep up with updates regarding the show.

Kevin Park

Kevin is a seventeen year old high school senior currently living in Santa Clarita, California. He enjoys long distance cycling, playing the drums, and playing video games (PC based). He also has a passion for learning about technology, ranging from the newest flagship Samsung phone, to groundbreaking medical tools. He plans to attend college where he will major in aerospace engineering, and computer science/engineering. He is an avid supporter and fan of social media and loves the positive communicative effects that social networking brings to the world.


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