Twitter Halts Plan To Encrypt Direct Messages [Report]


Twitter was allegedly working on encrypting direct messages back in October 2013, but according to a new report from The Verge, it’s put a stop to such plans.

Before you let any conspiracy theories run wild, it appears to be a case of so much to do yet so little time:

“Twitter declined to comment on why its latest encryption effort has stalled, but all signs point to its overloaded to-do list rather than an abandonment of its values. Twitter has been rethinking its messaging mechanism, evidenced by major changes just before its IPO last year, so it may be that there is just too much in flux to invest in encryption right now.”

According to the report, the encryption project was abruptly stopped earlier this year, and employees were left with no clear answer.

While the social network could have given in to government intimidation, it has joined other tech companies such as Google and Microsoft in the past to fight for more transparency.

Also, Twitter implemented Perfect Forward Security in November, which ensures that even if its encryption keys got into the wrong hands, content could not be decrypted.

Photo credit: Daniel Kulinski

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