Wickr Launches ‘The Security Suite’ To Make Other Apps More Secure


Private communications app Wickr recently raised $9 million in funding, and today announced a new service geared towards app developers.

Appropriately named “The Security Suite,” developers can add the service’s encryption and self-destructing functionality to their own apps.

While Wickr is free, and founder Nico Sell says it will remain free for new and existing users, it will license out its technology.

Courtesy of TechCrunch, here’s what functionality app developers can expect:

  • Timer (for apps to implement ephemeral messaging where a user chooses the expiration time);
  • Secure friend finder that works without uploading a contact book
  • Anti-spam block list to help users keep junk out of their inboxes
  • Key manager that sends a different key for every message, also known as Perfect Forward Secrecy, “the standard used by spy agencies” according to Wickr
  • Anonymizer that works without UDID (which also meets legal standards for children under 13 to be able to use an app)
  • Shredder that really deletes all traces of a file when you select to delete it.

However, the service does not plan on licensing out all of its features to one single entity, says Sell, but based on their unique needs.

Wickr has reportedly had “tons of significant interest” about its Security Suite, and pricing is kept under wraps as tightly as user’s messages.

Mike Stenger

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