Christopher Walken Dance Supercut An Inevitable Social Media Hit

christopher walken dancing

Christopher Walken, much like Bill Murray, is one of those celebrities that the internet just adores for a multitude of reasons.

One Christopher Walken trait we love is how very good at acting he is — creepy, intense, hilarious, not too serious — and sometimes, we forget about what else Walken excels doing … cutting a rug.

You may remember Walken’s amazing moves as the sole star of the Fatboy Slim video “Weapon of Choice,” but ICYMI:

Now someone has spliced together decades of Christopher Walken dancing in a variety of films. (Which isn’t surprising, as Walken has stated he never turns down a role.)

Watch Christopher Walken dancing across the years in the supercut above.

Kim LaCapria

Kim LaCapria is a social media enthusiast, long-time writer and beauty and lifestyle industry expert. She covers a wide range of social media topics, with a particular interest in style-related apps and services. When not working, Kim can be found on Facebook and Pinterest, skating, and sneaking off to Spa Castle.


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