Facebook Chips Away At Google In Mobile Ad Revenue Share, Still Trails Behind


Facebook mobile ad revenue share was estimated to triple in 2013, and according to a new report from eMarketer, that figure was pretty much spot on.

Today, the market research company published new mobile ad data, and here are the top six in revenue share for 2013:

  • Google – 49.3 percent
  • Facebook – 17.5 percent
  • Twitter – 2.4 percent
  • Pandora – 2.1 percent
  • YP – 2.1 percent
  • Millenial Media – 0.8 percent

According to the latest estimates, eMarketer says that Google’s mobile ad revenue share will decrease 2.5 percent, and Facebook’s will increase 4.2 percent in 2014.

Mobile Ads

Combined, mobile ad revenue in 2014 is estimated to increase by over $13 billion, compared to 2013.

Here’s how mobile ad spending (in billions) will evolve through 2018:

  • 2014 – $31.45
  • 2015 – $45.85
  • 2016 – $61.40
  • 2017 – $77.67
  • 2018 – $94.91

Should Google be worried about Facebook’s progress?

“The rapid pace at which mobile has taken over the company’s ad revenue share indicates Facebook’s mobile future. In 2012, only 11% of Facebook’s net ad revenues worldwide came from mobile, and last year, that figure jumped to 45.1%. In 2014, eMarketer estimates that mobile will account for 63.4% of Facebook’s net digital ad revenues.”

In comparison, 33.8 percent of Google’s net ad revenue is estimated to come via mobile in 2014.

Still, Facebook is significantly behind in terms of mobile ad revenue share, and Google also has the power of Android with some 1.5 million activations per day.

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