Nag Tool Kit Targets Young Adults Without Health Insurance

Nag Tool Kit Targets Young Adults Without Health Insurance

Many states are still trying to incentivize young adults into purchasing health insurance – under the purview of ObamaCare exchanges – as, on average, one in five are still without coverage.

But prior studies into the mandated health insurance coverage has shown that after accounting for cost-sharing and subsidies in 2014, it would still be cheaper for 86 percent of young adults to forgo health insurance and to pay the penalty instead.

However, that percentage decreases to 71 percent in 2015, and 62 percent in 2016, as the individual mandate penalty goes up. At least those are the projected stats according to a report in The Hill.

Therefore, in an effort to coax uninsured young adults into signing up for health care plans sooner, HealthSource RI has launched a new campaign. HealthSource RI is the health insurance marketplace for the state of Rhode Island. The marketplace enables people and small businesses to purchase health insurance, many at federally subsidized rates.

HealthSource RI’s newest campaign encourages parents to use social media to nag their kids into signing up by using Nag Tool Kit.

The campaign uses what is called the Nag Tool Kit. The program is accessible from any computer or smartphone. It teaches parents how to send Snapchat videos, become a match on dating apps like Tinder and OK Cupid, how to tweet on Twitter, or send Vine videos – essentially making parents more social stalker savvy in order to hound their adult-age kids into buying health insurance.

“Young adults use social media daily to find out the news of the day,” said Andres Amador in Turnto10. “And they mostly use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat to look for a date or to share pictures and videos. So this sign-up campaign targets these social media sites.”

[Photo Credit: Nag Tool Kit website]

Megan Charles

Megan Charles is a general news and health-focus writer with a background in medicine and biotechnology. Currently she is contributing to Social News Daily and Whole Woman Health. Former credits include Indyposted, The Daily Globe, and The Inquisitr.


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