High School Freshmen Suspended For Facebook Bomb Threat

A freshman in high school living in Springettsbury, Pennsylvania took his little Facebook joke too far, eventually leading up to a 23 day suspension from school. Here is his post word for word:

“Plot twist: They don’t find the bomb and it goes off tomorrow.”

At first, his parents didn’t see anything wrong with the post, calling it a joke and a, “misplaced attempt at humor.” However, school and police officials clearly did not agree with the family and as investigations continued. According to the suit, after learning of the post, school officials contacted the boy’s father and tracked down the student at an away football game at Red Lion High School.

A local news program reports that “After meeting with the teen at the game, Superintendent Michael Snell imposed a 10-day suspension, pending further investigation.”

Two weeks later the student, who went in front of a disciplinary committee, was given an additional 13-day suspension.

The teen also was questioned by Springettsbury Township police, who did not file criminal charges.

In return, the family stands boldly and argues in their lawsuit that the school violated their son’s constitutional rights. His family claims that “vague and over broad policies prohibit and chill speech that is protected by the First Amendment.”

No other details have been made available at this time.

Kevin Park

Kevin is a seventeen year old high school senior currently living in Santa Clarita, California. He enjoys long distance cycling, playing the drums, and playing video games (PC based). He also has a passion for learning about technology, ranging from the newest flagship Samsung phone, to groundbreaking medical tools. He plans to attend college where he will major in aerospace engineering, and computer science/engineering. He is an avid supporter and fan of social media and loves the positive communicative effects that social networking brings to the world.


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