Study Reveals Feelings On Facebook Spreads From Friend To Friend

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According to a study conducted by the University of California, San Diego, friends feelings on Facebook can spread to their other friends.

This means that your mood can affect your friends mood, and their moods can affect yours, both in a positive way and negative.

When in person, people can spread their moods to each other through their facial gestures and other types of human interaction. For example, when you are feeling down a joyful and happy coworker could cheer you up.

The researchers noted that this already happens when near strangers or among them, but no one has known for sure if it spread that way on social media as well, until now.

The researchers discovered that in certain geographic locations during rainy whether, moods tended to be negative and status updates that are positive were lower. That effect could also be classified as topic contagion, so researchers wanted to see what happens to friends outside of the area affected by rain.

The effects were small, but intriguing. The researchers wrote: “So, did the change in emotional expression by the people being rained on induce a change in their friends that stayed dry? Yes. According to the study, each additional negative post yields 1.29 more negative posts among one’s friends, while each additional positive post yields an additional 1.75 positive posts among friends.”

Chris Atkins

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