#Whaling Is The ‘Planking’ Of Vine, Except It’s Actually Funny

whaling trend

Remember #planking? If so, good for you! If not, we’re not going to get into it because it was stupid. But it’s important for context, because a new #planking-esque trend has started up on Vine, and is completely unique to the social network’s content format. At this time, we’d like to introduce #whaling, the #planking of Vine, except that it’s actually funny.

So, what’s #whaling? It’s one of those things that benefits from a visual aid, so here’s an example:

Amazing! Here’s another:

So yeah, if you want to take part in #whaling, you basically do that weird falling-backwards thing in as many places as you possibly can within the allotted timeframe. Pretty straightforward.

Remember that fads like #planking grew because of the competitive spirit of out-performance, and it eventually fizzled out because people literally started dying in attempts to get extreme poses.

We’re not encouraging #whaling participants to risk their own lives, we just don’t have any illusions about where this is going.

[Image – Michael Dawes]

Dusten Carlson
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