William Shatner Quits Twitter, Rejoins The Same Day

William Shatner Twitter Decision

William Shatner quit Twitter on Wednesday, but don’t worry, he promptly rejoined and apologized to fans for the decision. Shatner, most famous for his time as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek, has 1.79 million Twitter followers, and he is known for his knowledge of world days, including National Baked Scallops Day (May 11).

Shatner first announced his decision to quit on Wednesday morning, writing:

The actor tried to joke about the decision by noting that, if Tom Bergeron was allowed to quit America’s Funniest Home Videos, William Shatner should be allowed to quit Twitter. Apparently not. Fans immediately responded to the tweets with words of love and pleading for Shatner to stay. One user noted that she looks forward to his “National X day” tweets, while another wished him the best, writing, “live long and prosper.”

Thankfully, Bill’s decision was a temporary one. By Wednesday evening, the actor was back on Twitter.

While he hasn’t returned to his usual antics of goading Misha Collins and Adam Baldwin, we’re certain William Shatner won’t be quitting Twitter again anytime soon.

Melissa Stusinski
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