Live Content Startup Banjo Raises $16 Million


Banjo originally started out as a location-based service with a twist, and today announced it raised $16 million in Series B funding.

Led by Balderton Capital, the funding round also included others such as Vegas Tech Fund and BlueRun Ventures.

Nowadays, Banjo is built around real-time news happening on social media, and live events.

Recently, the startup launched a dedicated website, and also rolled out “Rewind,” a feature that lets users look back at live events.

From CEO and founder Damien Patton:

“With Rewind, you can go back and catch those moments through the eyes of the people who were actually there. Even a breaking news event such as the Boston Marathon bombing or [yesterday’s] building collapse in Harlem, New York, by the time it’s trending on Twitter or you’ve figured out the correct hashtag, it’s likely you already missed a significant amount of content.”

Banjo is available on Android and iOS, and the funds will be used towards hiring new employees and expanding internationally.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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