Twitter Reacts To Darrelle Revis’ Lighting Deal With Patriots

Darrelle Revis signed a deal with the Patriots hours after being released by Tampa Bay Wednesday.

Less than 24 hours after being released Darrelle Revis has reportedly found a new home with the New England Patriots.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers cut Revis after failing to trade him. He was due $16 million in 2014, a price Tampa Bay refused to pay.

Revis was willing to take a pay cut to play in New England though. The Patriots offered him $12 million for one season. Not just any season though, one season with a perennial Super Bowl contender.

Shortly after Darrelle Revis signed with New England, the twitterverse was abuzz with it’s unique reaction:

After the Darrelle Revis news went beyond viral, his manager tried to put out the fire:

With a number of reputable sources already declaring Revis a Patriot, it’s more than likely there have been significant talks between the two. If there is no contract, it could just be hiccup in the deal’s fine print. Of course, it’s always possible the NFL just got trolled.

With Darrelle Revis assumably in Foxborough, the Patriots might be the team to beat in 2014. Tom Brady will always keep an offense competitive regardless of the talent around him, and Revis will help plug a leaky defense that could give New England the balance they desperately need.

[Photo Credit: Jeff Kern]

Scott Croker

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