The Top 20 Brands On Facebook Average Over 14 Million Fans [Infographic]

Facebook Brands

Facebook is the supreme leader among major brands, and according to a new infographic from Socialbakers, the top 20 brands average 14,481,490 fans.

The social media analytics company recently published data from February, and here were the top five industries based on total fans:

  • Retail Food – 175,123,649
  • Retail – 162,806,577
  • FMCG Food – 126,053,924
  • Confectionery – 111,845,729
  • Beverages – 95,927,682

Walmart is still the number one brand on Facebook with 32,137,392 fans, and bested Target for the number two spot with 21,847,918 fans.

Samsung Mobile USA came in fourth at 19,363,658 fans, and Subway finished out the top five with 19,318,831 fans.

Here were the top five media brands on Facebook:

  • Disney – 11,937,076 fans
  • MTV – 9,054,176 fans
  • ESPN – 6,553,528 fans
  • HISTORY – 6,310,510 fans
  • iHeartRadio – 6,187,230 fans

The average post engagement rate was just 0.16 percent, and Evolution Fresh topped the list with an engagement rate of 7.05 percent.

The remaining four had an engagement rate between 3.01 and 3.81 percent, and here were the five most responsive:

  • T-Mobile – 94 percent response rate, 100 minute average response time
  • Straight Talk – 84 percent response rate, 154 minute average response time
  • Verizon Wireless – 70 percent response rate, 658 minute average response time
  • U.S. Cellular – 87 percent response rate, 205 minute average response time
  • DISH – 82 percent response rate, 66 minute average response time

CVS had the most popular brand post in February with the announcement of it ending cigarette sales, followed by Bud Light’s “Beer:30” and Nike Football’s post-Superbowl photo.


Post by CVS.



Socialbakers also analyzed the top 20 brands beyond Facebook, and to learn how they fared on Twitter, you can check out the infographic below.


Photo credit: Walmart

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