Here’s Jon Hamm Photobombing Complete Strangers With Jimmy Fallon [Video]

jon hamm photobomb video

Boy, if we were ever photobombed by a celebrity, we’d want it to be Jon Hamm (or Kevin Spacey).

For The Tonight Show, Hamm partnered with host Jimmy Fallon for his “Tonight Show Celebrity Photobomb” segment, which is exactly what it sounds like. Staged at the top of the Rock, tourists were asked if they’d like to pose for photos that would go up on NBC’s website. In the background, the 42-year-old Mad Men star wandered into the shot, sometimes accompanied by Fallon, and shenanigans ensued.

Jon Hamm’s photobomb video is going viral on Facebook this morning. Watch it above!

Dusten Carlson
Dusten has written for web and print and currently spends his time working on his upcoming graphic novel. He is also almost 30 and still has all of his hair.


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