How Bad Is Bot Abuse For Social Network Brands? [Infographic]

How bad is bot abuse on the internet?

Facebook has recently undertaken the ambitious chore of removing fake “likes” from brand pages, but the initiative sparks a deeper question: How widespread is this problem? While Facebook reassured that only about 1% of “likes” would ultimately be deleted, other studies into troll and bot abuse as it directly impacts social media and content publishing sites paint a far darker picture.

Our pals over at Solve Media crunched all of this data into an easy-to-read infographic (posted below), but here are some of the highlights:

[list style=”bullet-star”]

80% of clicks on Facebook ads were from bots, according to a digital distribution company.

Bot abuse runs up a tab of $612 million in waste for clients on advertising as a result of misplacement.

While 16% of US traffic is bots, 56% of Singapore traffic is bots, and 54% of Taiwan traffic is bots.


Though you’d be tempted to think that more “likes” would be a good thing for any brand, bot abuse is bad, bad, bad for business because they run up page views and impressions on a product or service, but since they never purchase or click anything, they only succeed in dramatically raising advertising costs (and annoying the crap out of people).

It’s all below in this handy-dandy infographic:

Dusten Carlson
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