Anne Rice Announces New ‘Vampire Chronicles’ Book, #PrinceLestat Trends On Twitter

lestat de lioncourt

Author Anne Rice is officially revisiting the work that made her a household name.

Over the weekend, the 72-year-old announced on her son’s Internet radio show that she is working on a new novel in her popular Vampire Chronicles series titled Prince Lestat.

Prince Lestat will be a sequel to 1988’s The Queen of the Damned, as well as the first new Vampire Chronicles novel released in over a decade. The last was Blood Canticle, released in 2003.

Rice has been famously ambivalent about returning to her Vampire Chronicles series over the past decade, though she has frequently hinted at ending the series with an existential and “redemptive” novel for series protagonist Lestat de Lioncourt.

Since Rice’s announcement, excited fans have been tweeting like crazy with the hashtag #PrinceLestat:

If you’re under 20 and are having trouble figuring out who this “Lestat” guy is, he was basically the original Edward Cullen, and Vampire Chronicles was the original Twilight in that it was the go-to “vampire romance” for a couple of decades and not nearly as horrible.

Prince Lestat will be released on October, 28 2014.

Dusten Carlson
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