As Seen On The Cosmos: NASA Tweets Photos From Space During Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Show


Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s highly anticipated version of the Cosmos hit Fox tonight and Twitter has been lighting up with comments under the #cosmos hashtags. Some of those comments have expressed disappointment that Fox has chosen to animate the galaxy instead of showing us real-life pictures. Well, for anyone who felt ripped off by the first few minutes of the new series, check out these photos from NASA.

NASA has been tweeting out real-life photos that correspond with the animations being shown on Fox.

It’s too early to judge the new series of Cosmos but we can’t fault Fox for using animation. The network is trying to get people to pay attention to the amazing story of our galaxy. Apparently they believe that this…

… Has more entertainment value than this.

And maybe they’re right. But I think we can all agree that tonight’s introduction to the Cosmos has a slightly higher production value than the original.

Are you watching The Cosmos tonight? If you are, you might want to keep NASA’s Twitter stream open so you can check out some of the amazing real-life images that have been captured of our galaxy.

Dan Evon

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