Facebook To Hold Its F8 Developer Conference April 30th

Facebook F8

Facebook has revealed that it will hold its F8 developers conference at the Concourse in San Francisco on April 30th. At the event engineers from Facebook, Parse, and Instagram will share their learning experiences and tell attendees where they’re headed.

The event plans on educating those who attend on how they can build faster, reach more customers, and monetize their apps better.

Facebook wants to celebrate what developers have created and envision what will be possible in the future.

The agenda for the event is to have a ‘pure developer’ conference. F8 will kick off with a keynote in the morning, which will be followed by four tracks that cover how to get started, technical best practices, engineering deep dives, infrastructure strategies, and tips for advertising apps and games.

There is also a session that will be dedicated to exploring how open source technologies can be better utilized.

The last F8 event took place September 2011, it included comedian Andy Sandberg who impersonated Mark Zuckerberg before the Facebook CEO gave his keynote speech. Chris Cox, VP of product presented the redesigned Timeline for profiles, and former CTO Bret Taylor gave a walk through to developers of how the Open Graph Platform works.

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