Secret App Creates Real Time Feed Of SXSW

Secret feed

Things just took a new turn, as Secret, the app that lets people share thoughts anonymously among friends just created a live news feed of secrets at the SXSW event.

This is particularly interesting not only because it anonymously connects people at an event, but also because people can now see what others are really thinking about at the event without fear of being judged.

Until now most people would take their thoughts to Twitter or Facebook and post about the event, but sometimes things people may want to say are either too embarrassing, weird, or hostile to share publicly.

Secret eliminates that barrier and now people can see the true collective thoughts of users at the event.

Just some of the ‘secrets’ said are:

“At #sxsw. Too lazy to network. Not connected enough to hang out at cool parties :(”

“Yes. Married people cheat at SXSW.”

“I’m at SXSW and all I want to do is be home with my fat dog”

“It’s only Saturday but it seems all the attractive single SXSW people have already chosen their SXSW boyfriends / girlfriends.”

“This Secret “fireside chat” is more of a roasting. Josh is being a total dick. #SXSW”

This of course has much more potential with bigger events, such as next years’ Super Bowl and also with smaller niche events. Is Secret just a trending fad? As long as people gossip and can share thoughts anonymously that would otherwise be stuck in their head or on a notebook, I’m leaning more towards no.

It will be interesting to see the growth of Secret over the next year.

Chris Atkins

Chris Atkins leads product development at PostalBit, is a writer, internet marketer, content coordinator, and startup founder. He has worked alongside serial entrepreneur and investor Jason Calacanis, and social media mogul Brendan Hampton. Chris previously managed social media and produced content for, and curated content for (sold to Bitly). He has spent years covering the business, technology, health, and finance sectors among many others.


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