Justin Bieber Cemberut? Pop Singer Gets Hacked On Twitter

justin bieber

It looks like Justin Bieber was hacked today on Twitter.

The singer’s account sent out several messages reading “Justin Bieber Cemberut?” earlier today. The messages also had a link which led to an authorization page for ShootingStarPro.

justin bieber hacked on Twitter

So before we get to Shooting Star let’s look at the message. Justin Bieber Cemberut? According to Google Translate, Cemberut is an Indonesian word meaning sullen. It’s a popular hashtag, too, to indicate sad photos.

justin bieber

The longer message,”Senyuman merupakan hal kecil yang dapat membuat hidup ini menjadi lebih mudah,” translates too: “Smile is the little things that can make life easier.”

So was Justin Bieber hacked? Or did he just forget what language he speaks? The link led to an authorization page for an app called Shooting Star Pro. The link doesn’t appear malicious (it has a 4.9 rating on the Google Play Store) but Bieber warned his fans that the link may have contained a virus.

justin bieber

The pop singer caught the strange tweets within fifteen minutes and had them all deleted. He also apologized to his fans and told them not to clink on any of the links because they might contain a virus.

justin beiber twitter

The singer eventually deleted that tweet too, however, probably because he didn’t want to worry anyone about a virus. He followed that up with a much more simple message.

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