Facebook Building First Data Center Of Its Kind In Sweden


Facebook processes billions of pieces of content every day, and today announced a new data center that is being built next to an existing one in Luleå, Sweden.

The new data center will be the first of its kind taking advantage of the social network’s RDDC or “rapid deployment data center” design.

Revealed back in January at the Open Commute Project Summit, it will allow Facebook to double its efficiency and use less construction materials in the process.

Here’s a quick explanation of RDDC courtesy of The Next Web:

  • Site-agnostic design: By standardizing the designs of component assemblies much like with OCP servers, Facebook hopes to deploy a unitized data center into almost any region in the world faster, leaner, and more cost-effectively. Performing more of the assembly in a controlled environment and at ground level also reduces assembly time. By deploying pre-manufactured assemblies, a majority of the components can be used interchangeably. The goal is to be deployable wherever needed.
  • Reduced on-site impact: The RDDC concept will deploy pre-engineered unitized modules that minimize the amount of time required for heavy equipment on site and overall time to complete a data hall. The modules reduce the generation of on-site waste and the impacts associated with the delivery and staging of individual construction materials common to traditional construction techniques.
  • Improved execution and workmanship: Having a predictable and repeatable product delivered to the site allows local teams to easily replicate the quality and fit from one region to another. The RDDC design will produce this result by using explicit assembly instructions with established tolerances.

To learn more about Facebook’s new data center design, you can watch the video below starting around the 23 minute mark.

Photo credit: Arthur40A via photopin cc

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