LG Releases One Of The Strangest Ads Ever For Its G Flex [Video]

LG’s G Flex has some unique features, most significantly it has a curved, flexible screen and a self healing back. Now it has a unique ad campaign to go with it.

The ad released on YouTube today for the G Flex is uh, well it’s good if you’re a fan of morphing mutant hands with an ear and a mouth. The ad starts innocently enough, with just enough cheese to let you know you know something strange is about to happen. A man gives another man an LG G Flex as a present. As if that wasn’t strange enough, when reaching to grab the phone, the man’s hand instead turns into some sort of Adam’s Family like monstrosity.

The idea is that the phone/hand, growing a mouth and an ear, becomes the person on the other end. As the ad says, it’s “the most human phone ever.” It goes along with comments LG has made about the curve, insisting that it conforms better to the human hand than traditionally shaped smartphones. Reviews of the device however, did not agree.

The commercial goes from weird to downright bizarre when he begins feeding his hand food, and later makes out with it, yeah. Also, as Android Police points out, the ear and mouth are in the wrong place.

[Photo Credit: LG]

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