YouTube Group Our2ndLife To Assist Conan With MTV Movie Awards


If you didn’t already know, Conan O’Brien is hosting the MTV awards at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, April 13. Our2ndLife, a popular YouTube comedy group will be helping by spreading the word.

The channel which is part of the Fullscreen network and comprised of Trevor Moran, Ricky Dillon, J.C. Caylen, Kian Lawley, Sam Pottorff, and Connor Franta will launch Nominee Rundown on multiple devices, a series of shorts that will debut after MTV announces nominations for the awards on March 6th.

The shorts will be available and screened through MTV’s website, mobile applications, and AMTV cable television program in addition to Our2ndLife’s social channels.

Dillon, Pottorff, Moran, Lawley, J.C., and Franta will reportedly have a presence on the red carpet at the MTV movie awards.

Over the past year the YouTube group has increased their audience significantly. About a year ago their combined subscriber base totaled 950,000. Today they have over 8 million subscribers in their collective audience.

Every day one of the members of the team uploads a video that has a theme and challenge. They also vlog and upload content regularly on their own separate YouTube channels which have been quite successful.

Fun fact, they actually met through their videos and decided to collaborate with each other.

Chris Atkins

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