Women Rule Social Media In The US [Infographic]

Social Media

Sorry, guys. It’s another win for team female, according to a new infographic. Titled “Why Women Are The Real Power Behind Social Media,” it’s broken down into several categories.

Here’s the percentage of U.S. adult women and men using top social networks:

  • Facebook – 76 percent women, 66 percent men
  • Tumblr – 54 percent women, 46 percent men
  • Pinterest – 33 percent women, 8 percent men
  • Instagram – 20 percent women, 15 percent men
  • Twitter – 18 percent women, 17 percent men
  • LinkedIn – 19 percent women, 24 percent men

30 percent of women access social networks several times per day, compared to 24 percent of men, and women also interact more with brands.

  • 54 percent show their support
  • 53 percent access offers
  • 39 percent stay up to date
  • 28 percent comment on brand posts

58 percent of women consume news on social media, compared to 42 percent of men, and they also lead in mobile social media use.

  • Via smartphones – 46 percent of women, 43 percent of men
  • Via tablets – 32 percent of women, 20 percent of men

To learn more about how women dominate social media, you can check out the infographic below.


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