The Oscars Saw Over 3.3 Billion Twitter Impressions

The Oscars

The Oscars had quite the impact, and according to new data released by Twitter, tweets about the star-studded event generated over 3.3 billion impressions.

The social network analyzed tweets sent Sunday (March 2) at 5 PM Eastern to 5 AM Eastern on Monday.

Here’s what else it found:

  • During the 12-hour period, 19.1 million Oscars related tweets were sent
  • Out of the 19.1 million tweets, there were over five million unique tweeters
  • Over 37 million people saw the tweets on and official mobile and desktop apps

43 million people tuned in to The Oscars on ABC, which means the social network nearly matched ABC’s audience.

Ellen DeGeneres’ celeb selfie smashed the retweet record set by Barack Obama, and currently has over 3.2 million retweets.

By 5 AM on Monday morning, it already had 2.4 million retweets, was seen by 8.1 million people and was embedded nearly 14,000 times.

The Oscars

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Photo credit: Disney | ABC Television Group

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