Dating App Revealr Uses Your Voice To Find The One


A new dating app called Revealr makes you listen before you can look, and records your voice to playback to potential matches.

Created by Guy Harrington and Paul Laight, it’s a unique concept in a world dominated by looks.

To get started, users must login with their Facebook account, but Revealr makes it clear that it doesn’t share your private details or ever post to your wall.

Once signed in, you upload a photo that will be pixelated, and record a quick 20-second audio clip introducing yourself.

Users can browse through profiles, and will see the pixelated photo along with several buttons.


The purple play button lets you listen to their recording, and if you’re interested in connecting further, you can select “Yes.”

Similar to Tinder, Revealr only allows people to start communicating with each other if they both have agreed to connect.

Once both parties have agreed, their profile photos are also revealed.

Revealr is currently available on the iPhone, and there’s no word if an Android app is in the works.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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