Chris Brown Tries To Hide Tweet After Making Gay Slur

Chris Brown Calls Twitter User a Fag

Chris Brown Calls Twitter User a FagChris Brown loves to throw around gay slurs and he always gets caught. Recently Brown was caught punching a man in the face while using a slur, this time he did it on Twitter.

The man famous for his smooth R&B voice, and for punching Rihanna in the face, is quickly becoming just as talked about for his ability to throw around gay slurs.

This time around Brown was talking to a Perezlicious reader when he wrote:

“@HandmadeBentley is a fag, he used to talk to talk to Jacob.”

Almost as quickly as he tweeted the message it was removed.

Just as quickly as the tweet was posted the team at wrote:

“Get your shiz together, Chris! The f-word is just not cool, dude.”

Most recently Chris Brown used Twitter to defend himself, lashing out over rumors that he was involved in a hit run.

We figure there will be little to no backlash over his words, after all he got away with badly beating Rihanna during Grammy’s night.

James Kosur

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