Twitter Ships Log Cabins From Montana To Renovate San Francisco Office


Twitter recently expanded its headquarters in San Francisco, and is renovating its new office with two log cabins from the 1800s.

No, the social network isn’t reclaiming the wood to decorate or build new rooms, but actually rebuilding the cabins inside its headquarters.

According to Marin Independent Journal, Twitter hired San Francisco architecture firm Lundberg Design to head up its office renovations.

Why the log cabins? Designer Olle Lundberg says they fit with a forest theme that ties in with Twitter and its iconic bird logo.

“To me, the log cabins fit into that since, obviously, they’re made from logs that come from the forest. It’s also about using natural materials. There’s something nice about the character of the real wood. Visually there’s a patina of age. It isn’t something fake. It’s real. It’s reclaimed. It’s got some history to it, just as the building has history to it. One of the nice things about reusing old materials it that there is a story that comes with them.”

Olle discovered the cabins in Montana. They had to be torn down, transported to a Vallejo lumber yard, put back together, torn down again and then finally shipped to San Francisco where they were rebuilt…again.

Located in a dining area, the cabins will be transformed into dining rooms fit with several TVs, and a place for Twitter employees to get their caffeine fix.

Photo credit: Scott Beale

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