Twitter Plays Guessing Game, Tries To Figure Out Your Potential Friends List

Twitter People You May Know Feature

Twitter thinks it has enough data on you an your connections to suggest friends you have yet to connect with. The social network much like the LinkedIn platform is now suggesting those friends via a weekly email.

While Twitter currently offers follow suggestions that examine your own tastes, location and other information, this new feature is geared more towards your real world contact and friends.

According to Twitter “People You May Know” according to a Twitter blog post is based on “signals” such as who your friends follow and the contact information imported by people you connect with on the micro-blogging website. For example if several people you follow also follow another person that person could be mentioned as a possible friend.

Twitter says of the platforms data use:

“If your friend uploads his address book and it includes your email address, and then you sign up for Twitter with that email address, Twitter may suggest your friend to you as an account to follow.”

If you don’t want to be suggested new friends to follow you can simply turn off the feature in the email notifications settings via your account page.

“Who to Follow” and “People You May Know” are Twitters attempts at creating a more connected social setting and while they may seem redundant I won’t underestimate the power of badgering people until they connect with others.

Kim LaCapria

Kim LaCapria is a social media enthusiast, long-time writer and beauty and lifestyle industry expert. She covers a wide range of social media topics, with a particular interest in style-related apps and services. When not working, Kim can be found on Facebook and Pinterest, skating, and sneaking off to Spa Castle.


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