Comcast Reportedly Developing YouTube Competitor


Comcast confirmed it was acquiring Time Warner Cable earlier this month, and today a new report claims the cable giant is developing a YouTube competitor.

According to The Information, the new video service would work directly through one’s cable box, and offer short videos similar to what’s found on the world’s largest video site.

To make the service more enticing, Comcast would offer a higher cut of ad revenue and also allow creators to charge for their content.

However, not all executives are onboard with the idea, citing that the video service could take viewers away from traditional cable channels.

Potentially more worrying, in this case for consumers, is Comcast’s alleged history of throttling video traffic.

Last week, Netflix reached a deal with the cable company to deliver content directly through its network, helping to increase speeds.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, and Comcast working on its own video service does raise some moral issues.

If the cable company was in fact throttling video traffic from sites such as YouTube, would it ensure its own video service loads as quickly as possible?

Of course, that would bring up the whole Net Neutrality debate, and likely land Comcast in serious legal battles, something it would probably want to avoid.

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