HootSuite Conversations: Real-Time Chat For The Dashboard

HootSuite Conversations Debut

HootSuite is taking its social media management know-how to a whole new level with HootSuite Conversations. The new offering brings real-time chat to a users dashboards in what the company calls an “epic release” for business users.

By offering real-time chat HootSuite Conversations is aiming to remove email from the equation. In the past multiple users on a social media project were forced to use HootSuite then jump over to their email in order to communicate internally.

With the new program any HootSuite user with an email address can start a group conversation that happens right in front of their eyes via the HootSuite dashboard. Just like email the conversations are private and based on who the group creator links into the conversation.

Starting a chat is simple as users just click on the speech bubble icon at the top right corner of the dashboard and then invite co-workers or anyone in your Gmail contacts list.

Here are some of the ways the beta released program can be used according to HootSuite:

  • CEOs, VPs or team leads can choose to share pre-approved messaging within groups, generating discussion and encouraging members to broadcast select messages to their own social networks.
  • Pushing existing tweets and updates into a group conversation happens in real time; avoiding lengthy and sometimes confusing email threads.
  • Collaborating in groups through HootSuite Conversations is infinitely scalable. An unlimited number of team members or external HootSuite users can be invited to join a social conversation with their internal or external organization.
  • Support teams can rally around IT issues or common questions.
  • Marketing and public relations teams can collaborate around campaigns and content.
  • Sales teams can discuss strategy or industry specific themes.
  • Research and development teams can share findings aimed toward common goals.

Here’s a video introducing HootSuite Conversations:

[iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/x4dfBvnktT8″]

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