Coldplay ‘Ghost Stories’ Album Trends On Facebook, Release Date Announced

Coldplay New Album and Facebook Trends

Coldplay New Album and Facebook Trends

Want to judge the popularity of your favorite band? Just wait for the group to announce the release date for their new album and see if it trends on Facebook. Coldplay announced the release date for their new album on Monday morning and the group quickly picked up the number two spot on Facebook, right behind the term “Academy Awards.”

Coldplay’s sixth album, titled Ghost Stories, will be released by Parlophone/Atlantic Records on May 19.

Fans who choose to pre-order the album will be given instant access to the bands new single. Last week the group released the single “Midnight” to decent clicks.

The album is the groups first since the release of 2011’s Mylo Xyloto.

Coldplay Track List For Ghost Stories:

1. Always In My Head
2. Magic
3. Ink
4. True Love
5. Midnight
6. Another’s Arms
7. Oceans
8. A Sky Full Of Stars
9. O

Will you be picking up the new Coldplay album when it drops? If Facebook trends are any indicator it will be a big hit for the rockers.

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