Wichita State’s Undefeated Season Draws Split Reaction From Twitter

Wichita State went undefeated and Twitter wasn't sure how to react

Wichita State finished the NCAA basketball season a perfect 31-0 after beating Missouri State 68-45 on Saturday.

The appropriately named Shockers are first team in 10-years to go undefeated. They beat opponents by an average of 16 points per game and have easily cemented their place in NCAA history.

Coach Greg Marshall was happy with the result, and gave all the credit to his players, “Very proud of these guys, of how they’ve handled this. There’s beena lot of focus, both positive and negative about this team. … They’re fun to be around, and they deserve this 31-0.”

Next up for Wichita State will be March Madness and a chance to win the National Title. Let’s just hope they don’t get too cocky from all the praise:

Of course, not everyone feels the same way about Wichita State:

Last March Wichita State made it to the Final Four, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone if they do it again this year. If they win it all, then their perfect season will not be seen as a fluke.

At the end of the day, Wichita State went undefeated and no one can take that away from them. The criticism of the team’s easy schedule should send the Shockers into March with a chip on their shoulder, and that’s a good thing. It will be fun to watch and see if they can prove their record right.

[Photo Credit: Newman University]

Scott Croker

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