Alan Pardew Headbutt Lights Up Twitter


Did you see Alan Pardew’s headbutt today? Well, have you been on the internet? Gifs of the Newcastle boss have infiltrated just about every corner of the internet.

But before we get to the memes let’s check out the video.

Yep, that was a headbut. Well, according to Alan Pardew it was merely a head push. Pardew said: “It wasn’t a headbutt, I was trying to push him away with my head.” OK… well, that sounds a lot like a headbutt to me. But let’s just say, for a second, that it was a head push. That’s still pretty inexcusable behavior for a manager.

Pardew was sent off after the headbutt and he could face further consequences. Some people are already calling him the “former” manager while others are wondering if he’ll face assault charges.

Pardew shouldn’t worry too much about getting fired. After all, he has already secured a job as the internet’s new favorite meme.

Alan Pardew apologized shortly after the incident but the Telegraph speculates that the Newcastle boss will soon hit the unemployed line. Pardew has six years left on his contract but this is the second time that he’s had to apologize for some questionable behavior on the sidelines. Earlier this year he called Manchester City manager, Manuel Pellegrini, an “old c***.”

photo credit: Socceraholic via photopin cc

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