John C. Reilly Recalls His Cereal Train Heist Days [Video]

John C. Reilly

John C. Reilly is known for his roles in such films as Step Brothers and Wreck-It Ralph, and in a new Conan interview, revealed his past of robbing a train.

A young lad at the time, Reilly and his friends lived nearby the train tracks on the southside of Chicago.

Often, trains would sit on the tracks overnight, and one night a friend wanted to see what was on a boxcar.

Being a kid, it didn’t take much convincing, and soon they’d be smashing a lock to reveal the treasure inside.

No, it wasn’t gold bars, but the next closest thing: Boxes after boxes of Sugar Pops cereal.

John C. Reilly

With the help of their friends, John C. Reilly tells Conan they got away with “probably 500 boxes.”

Photo credit: Sneebly

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