#HotJesus Is Big On Twitter As ‘Son Of God’ Prepares For Theatrical Release

Son Of God and HotJesus Trending Tag on Twitter

The big screen movie ‘Son of God’ debuts nationwide on Friday, and in anticipation of the movie the #HotJesus hashtag is picking up steam on Twitter. The movie is based around the entire life of Jesus from his humble birth through his teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrection.

Movies about Jesus have fared well on the big screen in recent years. From ‘Ten Commandments’ to ‘The Passion of the Christ,’ Hollywood studios have found that marketing such films is both easy and profitable.

While #HotJesus has been around for a while, the hashtag seems to be capitalizing off the movies upcoming release date.

The Twitter discussions vary wildly based on every user from full on support to outrage:

Not familiar with the movie? Here is the ‘Son of God’ trailer:

Are you ready to see #HotJesus in the new ‘Son Of God’ movie?

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