Gatorade Makes ‘Brotein’ Bottle For Brody Smith’s Brother After Video Goes Viral

gatorade bottle

Last month, Brody Smith’s brother had to give up his Gatorade bottle collection. Why? Well, his mother was sick of all of those old bottles taking up her precious counter space. It was a sad day for the Smith family, a very funny one for the internet, and the perfect marketing opportunity for Gatorade.

But before we get to Gatorade’s special “brotein” bottle, let’s go back to January, 2014, when a grown man was forced to give up his collection of Gatorade bottles.

Brody Smith writes on YouTube: “Twas a sad night for my brother when my mom dropped the bomb that he had to throw out his Gatorade Collection. Yes this was every flavor of Gatorade made. Enjoy!”

Yes, Brody Smith’s brother (I know he has a name I just can’t find it) collected every single flavor of Gatorade. And yes, he threw them all away after his mother yelled at him. But don’t worry, this story has a happy ending.

Gatorade saw the video and decided to send Brody Smith, who is a professional Frisbee player, and his brother a huge collection of Gatorade. They even created a special label to show off how much Brotein was in each bottle.

That’s right, Gatorade was able to fit 100% brotein, 100% domination, and 100% domination into a bottle that only takes up 5% of the counter space. Sadly, this meant that Gatorade had to cut back a little on the swag.

So let this be a lesson to all of you kids. The next time you collect every single flavor of Gatorade and your mother tells you to throw them away… move out. Your a grown ass man with a Gatorade collection.

photo credit: jDevaun via photopin cc

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