Muppet Selfies: Kermit, Ms. Piggie Share Some Melfies

The Muppets

Did someone drop off a digital camera on Sesame Street? The Muppets recently joined Instagram and Kermit, Ms. Piggie, Gonzo and the rest of the gang have been lighting up social media with selfies. Or Melfies. Is Melfies a thing?

Kermit was the first to share a photo, writing: Hi-ho, Instagram gang!

The Muppets Instagram account gives a cool inside look at the secret lives of Muppets. Take Constantine for example. Kermit’s evil twin doesn’t seem to be all that evil. Apparently he’s taken up journaling. Kermit writes: Constantine loves his alone time and has gotten really into journaling lately. Isn’t that sweet?

Of course, some of the Muppets acted exactly like you would expect them too. Animal, for instance, snuck into the bathroom to prank his buddy …

… The old critics thought the camera was a calculator.

… And Gonzo was a little paranoid. Gonzo writes: Impostor.

The Muppets have been on Instagram for about a month now and they’ve already racked up close to 25,000 followers. And honestly, that’s a little depressing. Kate Upton has only been on Instagram for a week and she already has a million followers.

Are you telling me that people would rather look at Kate Upton than Ms. Piggy? I don’t believe it.

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